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Attitude the route to good health


Attitude will take you a long way in life, as well as on the route to good health. I urge you to have the positive attitude that you can have good health.

Show love to all, anger to none. Being angry can lead to health and mental problems. Learn to forgive. Forgiving others is a healing power.

A Life well lived

One of the secrets of a life well lived is to take time each day to look at what you have to be grateful for. Look at the happiness and the blessings that you have received in life.  Have you told the love of your life why you love them today?  Have you counted the things that you are grateful for today?  I do this throughout my day and I am living a life of happiness and bliss.

Review how you want to spend the rest of your life. Make one of your decisions to be happy. What makes you happy?

Natural Route to Health

I do believe that there is a natural route to great health and I hope that you will give the natural route a try and reap the benefits of eating right and using natures natural foods and products to achieve better health.

Having a diet of good organic food without pesticides and hormones along with natural vitamins and herbs will allow you to stimulate recovery or prevent many diseases and be and feel healthy.

Eating well is the answer to living well, feeling good, having energy, stamina and enjoying life as a productive and positive person. 

If you decide to follow a natural route to health I suggest that you ask your friends and family to join you and support you in participating in your journey to good health.  My wife walks this path with me.  Together we are a stronger team.  Build a strong team with your family.

If your friends and family do not believe in the natural way to health ask them to provide you with a better answer. Listen to them, consider their suggestions. If you are not in agreement with them politely tell them why, or explain that you want to try a different way to health.  End the discussion with them by thanking them for listening to you and giving you information to consider. It should be appreciated that they care.

Do not frustrate yourself trying to convince others of what you believe and the path to health that you want to take. Consider all information and think about everyone's suggestions. Ultimately follow your inner all knowing highself.

Sit in silence, go within and ask the way and it will be shown to you. Show love to all in your presence.  Love yourself and your decisions.


At this time I do not answer

individual health questions.

Do what is best for you!

Follow your inner knowing...


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